Former Texas Ranger Has Been Fired By Trump, A Drone ‘Constantly’ Hunting Down Integrity

The list of military officers fired by President Trump is long. His recent dismissal of former Navy SEAL Clint Blackburn has left many in the SEALs community frustrated that their careers are so quickly and mercilessly terminated.

Since the recent removal of a highly decorated and trusted commander from the ranks of the Army Rangers, Special Forces, Navy SEALs, and Air Force medics, many members of SEAL Team Six who participated in ISIS, Laos, and Afghanistan-related missions have raised concerns that the brass are trying to erase all that military expertise and expertise by toppling commanders and captains who were previously openly outspoken on legal and ethical ground.

Known as the “Slippery Slope”, the NFL, NFLPA, and MLB have all been widely reported as instances where professional athletes have bashed society and oppression through their words and actions on the field of play. The problem with this practice is that all professional athletes were given a clean slate by their superiors and essentially served their suspensions, reprimands, jail time, and fines for the heinous acts they perpetrated upon an entire nation of people they were sworn to protect, yet the men and women who have sacrificed their lives and limbs through global conflicts, have been punished to an even greater extent.

Halsey (Vincent John) Lawton

According to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford, “[I]t’s not within my power to intervene” and suggested that those in question be dealt with “in the ranks.” Yet according to the Flag Officers Association of America, Obama was dismissed of responsibility as Commander in Chief for his mishandling of the Benghazi fiasco and Trump was either firing or demoting top military leaders far more for making their case rather than the clear criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton.

Recently retired deputy Cmdr. Edward Gallagher was removed from his post with the White House Operating Group—known as the “Office of the Presidential Liaison”—by Trump, even though his involvement in Wikileaks and the IRS involving Hillary Clinton has been well-documented. In the past, White House staffers have acknowledged that the stolen emails of Hillary and John Podesta provided valuable insight and knowledge into what occurred in the 2016 Presidential race, which was in fact many times Trump’s campaign, yet when it came to the IRS’ illegal targeting of conservative groups, they hesitated.

Many eyewitnesses believe the Trump decision to fire Gallagher was politically motivated, while others suggest it was a poorly designed solution to a problem.

Former Navy SEAL Capt. Ed Thompson has always considered Gallagher a friend and he was shocked when he discovered Gallagher was being removed from his post. “I didn’t have to be told how valuable and revered he was by members of SEAL Team One,” Thompson shared. Thompson stated that Gallagher was the number one SEAL in the U.S. Navy at that time and was considered a hero for being embedded in hostile territory to rescue kidnapped foreign hostages, even though technically not on active duty. He was not involved in Obama’s administration and was only receiving a bonus for his services. “After being in the Navy, these rewards are few and far between,” Thompson explained.

Gerald Harold Wells once said of Gallagher, “I could call Ed Gallagher any time of the day or night and he would answer. That is the type of person we were all looking for in SEAL Team One.”

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